04 March 2015

History of a Thimble

History of this thimble, January 25th 1935. This note tells the history of a thimble handed down four generations, and the note was given to the grandmother of one of our guild ladies, who later received it from her mother, adding several generations to its history.

The thimble was over 150 years old when the note was written in 1935. The thimble was made by hand, before thimbles were made by machine, and its owner says it fits her better than any other thimble she has ever tried. What a family treasure!

05 January 2014

Transferring to Facebook

I have not had any feedback about keeping this blog alive, so I am going to go ahead and transfer over to our facebook group.

You can find it HERE.

And I will link one last time to our November 2013 show and tell.


31 October 2013

Facebook Group?

I am thinking about transferring the things I do on this blog to a facebook group. Does anyone who reads this have concerns? I just think it will make it more interactive, and possibly involve more of our members. I can make it public so even non-facebookers can see, I believe. Let me know by commenting if you have any feedback on this.

In other news, here are the latest photos from the last couple of times I have photographed. You can see them in this flickr stream:


TTFN: Ta ta for now!


18 September 2013

Bad News and Good News

The bad news is that I have not posted since the spring, and now I have a huge back log of photos that need to be shared and shown here.

The good news is, I have done it, and you may now click


and see 104 photos of show and tells from everything I shot all summer and so far this fall. There are two fun trunk shows included as well. One of them has a lot of hand embroidery, and the other one is a lady from St. George who has had quilts hang in some very prominent shows.

I feel bad because we had a trunk show this month, but I didn't photograph it because I forgot I had done it in the past. I apologize for my laziness, but if you are a local that just means you should join the guild!

Summer and Fall-86
This was a highlight for fall. This sheep is part of a Christmas block exchange we did in September. We are still waiting on a few ladies to finish their blocks, and I love all of the blocks I got this month!

Summer and Fall-82
This is a super cute Utah quilt that the Main Street Quilt Cottage was selling in kits this year. I love the beehive and the other symbols of Utah pioneer heritage.

Summer and Fall-76
This fun contrasting quilt came from an exchange of black / colored half square triangles we did a couple of years ago. Way to go Becky Carter for finishing her quilt! Mine is still hiding in my UFO pile...

Summer and Fall-22
Some cute wool applique and embellishments.
Make sure you look at all of the photos. We had some amazing quilts come through the guild this summer!

19 March 2013

Spring Show and Tell

If you would like to see our spring show and tells, or at least the ones I have photographed,

Click HERE.

I am in the process of moving, but after that, I am excited that I will be preparing a virtual tour of everyone's sewing rooms for the ladies. We will be presenting it sometime in August, probably.

21 December 2012

October and November

Hello Ladies,

I hope you are all having a lovely holiday season. I am linking to our show and tells from our October meeting, including our block exchange.


October and November 2012

The link above is also a link to our November meeting, in which we even saw a few completed quilts from the blocks we exchanged. I am still working on mine. Kudos to those busy bees who finished them so quickly!


Next year we will resume meeting at our usual date on the second Thursday of January at 6:00 p.m. in the Hurricane Community Center with our new president Lynette Bingham. Special thanks to Judith Davis (pictured above with her Halloween quilt), who served as our president this past year. I know it is a lot of work. We had a great year and look forward to another great year with even more fun, fresh ideas.

Happy Holidays, everyone!


24 September 2012

June, August, and September. Whew!

I forgot my camera in July, but I did remember it in June, August, and September. I had a job for a couple of months, and it seems that may have been too much for me to keep this blog up. Thankfully, I have quit, and you may now view our show and tells from




by clicking on the month's name. For June and August, note there are a couple of cathedral window photos. Judith did a great mini class on them for us.

For September, you can see the Peach Days challenge quilts all together in one photo. 

For October we will be doing a Halloween exchange, so bring 16 blocks of 11 by 11, whether you want to do half square triangles, some other block, or plain fabric is up to you. See you there!