21 July 2009

July Show and Tell

rise 'n shine

Eve painted wooden beads red to make the bottoms for this tote.

Watch for this sweatshirt at the fair.

Check out the awesome fabric collaboration on these magnifying glass quilts.

A quilt from leftovers, I believe.

Turning five?

Inverted pattern makes two matching quilts.

Another lovely golden dahlia from Blanche Young.

These bags are a clever way to use the chalkboard fabric they had at MSQC.

Brick road quilt, I believe. There is a tutorial for the nine-patch slice method of this quilt if you click "nine patch variation" at the bottom of this post.

14 July 2009

Tip from DeAnn

DeAnn sends the following:

I just thought I would mention that if anyone is looking for fabric to finish a project try:

LS Boudreau Quilt Fabrics email: lsboudreaufabric AT eastlink.ca

They located some fabric for me that I was unable to locate on the computer or at any stores on my own. All you need to do is scan a piece of the fabric and do a little description.

They have over 300 sources they use to find the fabric you are looking for. Worked for me!

No charge...

Also I gave the Main Street Quilt Cottage the pattern I made up to make the little children's bags that use the chalk fabric. Remember? the ones I showed at July meeting.

(I'm pretty sure I have a picture of the bags, and I hope to post the pictures from July's meeting soon. Thanks for the note, DeAnn!)

07 July 2009

This Thursday

We will meet as usual at 6:00 p.m. at the Senior Citizens Center. We will be having pot luck, and you are encouraged to bring your old sewing stuff for our auction.

For show and tell we are doing "first and last" quilts, which should shake things up a little. Hope to see you there!