22 October 2011

Not Even November!

If you would like to view our show and tell from October, please click


We are looking forward to our year-end dinner next month. We will be eating at Triple TJ's, and the cost is $15. They are closing the restaurant for us, so we really appreciate that. It will be at our normal date and time, 6:00 on the second Thursday.

13 August 2011

April. And June and August, With Many Apologies

Dear DeAnna, i.e. perhaps the sole reader of this blog, I apologize for slacking off for the entire year after the birth of my son in March. I apparently forgot my camera in May. But I have uploaded all of the pictures for all of the show and tells I shot (April, June, July, and this month), and you may now view them


I did not crop them or pretty them in any way. I just sized them for the web and uploaded them, because I have three children now, and apparently that may just be too many this year.

Thank you for the reminder.

Love, Jen

14 March 2011

March Show and Tell

Hello everyone. We had a great meeting this month, with Eve teaching about circular patterns, sewing a y-seam, and a few other fun techniques.

You can check out our show and tell at the flickr stream:

CLICK HERE for show and tell.

I am sorry I missed February, because I was deathly ill and couldn't make it to the meeting. You know I am very, VERY sick indeed if I can't make it to Quilt Guild.

I was lucky to make it this month, because my baby was due on the day of quilt guild. Sadly, I am STILL pregnant, four days after my due date. I guess it's not sad for the readers, because I am keeping myself busy by posting more quickly than usual!

22 January 2011

January Show and Tell

January show and tell can be seen by clicking


I have started uploading the photos at full resolution, so if you want a copy of a photo of your quilt, you can now download a printable size.

Next month Virginia will be teaching us how to make the lovely baskets she makes with small strips of fabric wrapped around cotton clothesline. If you want to make one, bring a clothesline, some strips, and a machine that can do a zig-zag stitch.

11 January 2011

Last Half of 2010

Time for catch up again! Here are some of the projects that were shown at show and tell last year:

Actually, as I began uploading these photographs, I realized that there is an easier way to share all 50+ of them. I have a flickr stream, so you can click


to see the group of photos. I will see how next year goes as far as time. I am expecting a baby, so I am taking a lesser role in the guild. I was the president last year, and this year I hope to have a little break. I will likely continue to photograph the show and tells, but I may start just posting a note and link to the flickr stream to view them.

The new president this year will be Anne Beddo, so I am excited to see what she has in store for us.