13 August 2011

April. And June and August, With Many Apologies

Dear DeAnna, i.e. perhaps the sole reader of this blog, I apologize for slacking off for the entire year after the birth of my son in March. I apparently forgot my camera in May. But I have uploaded all of the pictures for all of the show and tells I shot (April, June, July, and this month), and you may now view them


I did not crop them or pretty them in any way. I just sized them for the web and uploaded them, because I have three children now, and apparently that may just be too many this year.

Thank you for the reminder.

Love, Jen

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DeAnn said...

Hey, I understand...No problem, I was just wondering if the blog page had changed. haha.. I sure appreciate your doing this! I love looking at the pics! Let me know if I can help!